Brock Flash Package (ECU Flash + PCV w/ Map) Ninja H2 (15-16) - We Will Provide ECU*

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Brock's Performance is now stocking NEW Kawasaki Ninja H2 ECUs (Engine Control Unit) complete with our Stage 2 Brock Flash pre-installed. This allows you to keep your original OEM ECU along with avoiding any down time. The Stage 2 Brock Flash for the Ninja H2 is designed to work in conjunction with a Dynojet PCV and Brock's custom mapping in order to provide the most complete fuel adjustment combination possible. Take your Ninja H2 to the next level of performance with the Brock Flash Package:

Package Contents Include:

  • Ninja H2 Stage 2 Brock Flash ECU (New OEM ECU - US Model)
  • Dynojet H2/H2R (15-16) Power Commander V
    • Brock's Performance Custom H2 Mapping (pre-installed in PCV): Select from street map for use with pump gas or track map for use with oxygenated race fuel

The Stage 2 Brock Flash consists of:

    • Ninja H2 re-flash disables the following:
      • Decel fuel cutoff
      • Noise control
      • Exhaust servo
      • PAIR valve
      • O2 sensor
      • EVAP
    • Increased high RPM limit by 1000 RPM (same as H2R)
    • Aggressively modified ignition timing (Click here for more info)
    • Elimination of high speed limiter (Speedometer will display MPH readings above the factory limit of 189 MPH/304 KPH)
    • User diagnostic reset enabled (click for reset procedure demonstration video)
    • Derestricted in all gears
    • Throttle-by-wire derestricted
    • Fan temperature lowered
    • Auto blipper clutchless downshifting
      (Kawasaki Quick Shifter Sensor Purchase Required)
    • Important: BrockFLASH ECU Installation Procedure (PDF)

Note: The Brock's ECU does not support the factory immobilizer technology on European/Asian models.

Note: The Brock's ECU does not support the factory anti-theft technology on U.S. models.

See 'Product Details' tab for installation information, product videos and additional resources

Important: The Ninja H2 Stage 2 Brock Flash is specifically designed to run in conjunction with a Dynojet PCV and Brock's Performance custom mapping. Use of this ECU in any other configuration may result in damage to the motorcycle and/or exhaust.

*If you already have a Dynojet Power Commander V please call for assistance:
(937) 912-0054 / ext. 105

Important: The Ninja H2 Stage 2 Brock Flash increases the peak RPM limit to the same 14K peak limit as the Ninja H2R (actual 14.5 on tach). This increase is responsible for a large increase in power on these machines. Since the H2R has an accelerated maintenance schedule for increased RPM use, Brock’s Performance suggests that high rev’s be utilized under race conditions only. This RPM threshold is set so the owner can have access to full power, if desired. This does not mean the owner is obligated to rev the bike this high.

Please Read: Ninja H2 Stage 2 Brock Flash ECU Owners

Before ordering, complete the ECU Flash Release Form and email completed form to, then checkout online.

ATTENTION: FOR COMPETITION USE ONLY! ECU modifications will void your factory warranty. Increased high RPM limits can induce additional strain which could lead to premature engine failure.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information:
Brock's Performance Terms and Conditions

For more information on Guhl Motors Terms and Conditions click here

See our Ninja H2 videos for more information:

Dyno Mayhem: Stage 1 Product Testing on Kurve's Ninja H2
Kurve's Ninja H2: First Ride Motovlog on the Brock's Equipped Beast
219 MPH: Brock’s Performance Kawasaki Ninja H2 sets Land Speed Record

Special Note: The ECU on the Kawasaki Ninja H2 is located under the front upper fairing (See Gallery Image). Removal of the ECU requires a skilled mechanic and use of a service manual to avoid damaging any bodywork. Below are a few resources to help with the removal/installation of your H2's ECU:

Please Read: Ninja H2 Stage 2 Brock Flash ECU Owners
Ninja H2 (2015) ECU Removal/Installation Image Gallery
Ninja H2/H2R (15-16) Power Commander V Installation
Ninja H2 (2015) Factory Service Manual (PDF)

NOTICE - Kawasaki Ninja H2 Overdrive Supercharger Gears

Visit the Ninja H2 Information Page for more information on this model and to view other products available

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    2016 Ninja H2 Flashed ECU and PC combo

    Posted by Keith Silva on May 21st 2021

    Ordered this online and within 2 days it was at my door. The install was longer than expected, but I took my time. After installing one of the maps that Brock sent me the same day I emailed him the bike started, no codes. The instructions are clear that come with the product. I also called Brocks tech support and my questions were answered. So how did the bike run? Unreal it seemed smoother, ran cooler and pulled like a madman. You really have to experience the difference between a flashed ECU H2 with Brocks PC maps and a stocker.
    I had 13500 miles on my H2 prior to installing the ECU and PC. I had plenty of time in the seat and there is so a massive difference between them. Its scary, but in a fun way and I think the bike is much more interesting with Brocks setup.
    Thank you Brock for all your efforts in making a great bike even greater.
    Keith S.