DigiShox Electronic Suspension System H-D Street Glide FLHXS (2017- up)

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Front Fork Cartridge Adjustments:

  • Electronic Adjustment
    • Rebound
    • Compression
  • Hydraulic Adjustment
    • Spring Preload

Rear Twin Shock Adjustments:

  • Electronic Adjustment (Left Shock)
    • Rebound
    • Compression
    • Spring Preload
  • Manual Adjustment (Right Shock)
    • Length

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DigiShox System for Harley Davidson

DigiShox Electronic Suspension System H-D Street Glide FLHXS (2017- up). A computer-controlled system that adjusts the ride characteristics and performance of your bike.

The Bitubo DigiShox system is composed of the multi patented ECH front cartridges, XXF rear mono shock, control unit with Bluetooth, control display indicating the status of the setting in use among the 12 available, E-lean drop sensor and a GPS sensor to determine speed and position.

Bitubo ECH cartridge kit is equipped with the hydraulic adjustment of the manual spring preload and electronic adjustment of compression and rebound. Bitubo XXF mono shock is equipped with the electronic adjustment of rebound, compression and preload, thanks to the use of the smallest and most efficient micro motors ever used before by any suspension company. These custom designed micro motors can increase the speed of control more than 30%, compared to any other similar system.

The units come equipped with 9 adjustments that are preset by the factory and can’t be modified, as well as 3 adjustments that can be personalized by the user.

The inserted map is visible on the display through the choice of position 1, 2 or 3 and for each of them it is possible to choose the colors: red, green, blue or white.

Another exclusive feature of Bitubo DS system is the possibility to create more personalized set-ups through a downloadable app by Apple store or by Android Market. After downloading the App and selecting it, the user will be faced with the 9 adjustments preset by Bitubo (not modifiable) and 3 more (in grey in the bottom of the application screen), customizable to suit the user. The user can then send his personalized set-ups through the application to the control unit via Bluetooth wireless technology; the set-ups are selectable through the handlebar selector also on the go, with a reaction time of the system of just 100 milliseconds.