Exhaust Cam EX041 -- .388 Lift/244@.050 Dur. Hardweld Billet Hayabusa (99-20)

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Valve Timing Information

Grind # EX041

Special profile for Brock's Performance


Lobe Center       @      100°

               Valve Lash               .006 - .008 in.

 Valve Lift                .388

NOTE: Valve guides must be moved or replaced with shorter guides for all cams above .385 lift

   Duration                 268°

Duration @ .050                244°        

Valve timing is checked with zero valve lash @ .050 in. of valve lift.

Reference Only - Your actual numbers may vary.

    Exhaust opens        35°    Before BDC

    Exhaust closes        15°    After TDC

Exhaust Cam EX041-Hayabusa (99-20) - TEK GRIND

Brock’s Custom Grind Billet Exhaust Cam is for use in larger displacement Hayabusa engines. No core required. Sold outright only. Max performance with our 1397 cc TEK Series Pistons. .388 lift/244deg at .050. Max life with stock valve guides. No guide moving means no valve job required when used on stock port cylinder heads. Must use aftermarket springs. This cam will not work with stock pistons. All Brocks’s Performance camshafts feature hard weld lobes on new O.E.M. Suzuki cores. We hold the base circle diameter as close to stock dimensions as possible. The result is far less shim hassles for you.

Dyno tests show around 7-10 hp increase through the mid range and 3-5 hp at higher revs on our 1397cc top end kit with a completely stock head with stock valves using our EX041 verses a stock intake cam on the exhaust. The life is maximum, with use of stock valve guides, and has shown extended valve spring longevity. The duration is slightly altered and the profile is more aggressive than an intake on the exhaust. The advantage shows up relevant to exhaust port work that is needed if the head flows well at higher lifts (stock does.) If you have a great port, which flows good average numbers, you may not see as much gain (call for details if in doubt.) We have seen mph gains at the track with stock and ported heads with this exhaust cam, especially with Nitrous Oxide use.