GasTapper Gravity Fuel Siphon With Fume Proof Case

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  • Weather resistant, air-tight carrying case w/ pressure release valve
  • Top quality siphon bulb with aluminum ends and rubber valves
  • Manual siphon bulb works on newer cars, lifts fuel above source
  • Transfer gas from car to can or lawn mower, empty stale fuel, etc.
  • General purpose siphon also empties sinks, aquariums, etc.
  • 6' lengths of 3/8" FuelFLEX® 65 gasoline-grade fuel line (x2)
  • 6' line of modern car access line add-on
  • Includes 3’ guide tube and capless/steel flap access funnel
  • Universal nylon in-line fuel filter
  • Ideal for emergency gas transfer

This is the highest-quality manual siphon available anywhere. The workmanship and quality components make this tool stand out from the rest. Starting with the fuel specific lines to the squeeze bulb that can lift and push fuel like no other. We have designed in a bypass to increase fuel flow past the high-efficiency squeeze bulb.

Also included, is the modern car fuel access lines that enables you to move fuel from many modern cars. You’ll want to keep one of these in every vehicle. Just as you have jumper cables in your car, the GasTapper Gravity is your go-to tool for the unforeseen “out-of-gas emergency”.

Transfers gas to/from car to gas can or lawn mower – useful to remove stale fuel or to remove fuel before storing gasoline powered items or toys. Also a great general-purpose siphon can be used to empty sinks, aquariums, etc.