Intake Cam IN031 -- .386 Lift/248@.050 Dur. (.005 Lash) Hardweld Billet Hayabusa (99-07)

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Valve Timing Information

99-07 Suzuki Hayabusa

Grind # IN031

Special profile for Brock's Performance


Lobe Center       @      104°

               Valve Lash               .004 - .006 in.

 Valve Lift                .386

NOTE: Valve guides must be moved or replaced with shorter guides for all cams above .385 lift

   Duration                 274°

Duration @ .050                248°        

Valve timing is checked with zero valve lash @ .050 in. of valve lift.

Reference Only - Your actual numbers may vary.

    Exhaust opens        18°    Before BDC

    Exhaust closes        46°    After TDC

Intake Cam IN031-Hayabusa (99-15) - TEK GRIND

Brock’s Custom Grind Billet Intake Cam for use in larger displacement Hayabusa engines. No core required. Sold outright only. Max performance in Brock’s 1397 TEK kit and larger engines. No valve guide moving or aftermarket retainers required. This cam is designed for maximum valve train life with serious mid range and top end power. Must use high performance valve springs. Profile allows maximum ‘piston to valve’ clearance with low lobe center numbers (.386 lift/260 duration-235 duration at .050.) Dyno/track proven lobe center recommendations included.

This cam is not designed to work with stock pistons. All Brock’s Performance camshafts feature hard weld lobes on new O.E.M. Suzuki cores. We hold the base circle diameter as close to stock dimensions as possible. The result is far less shim hassles for you. This is the best all around intake grind we have ever tested or used in Hayabusas. It provides maximum acceleration throughout the entire RPM range, from launch to the limiter, with smooth controllable power in between. Track tests have recorded 164mph in the quarter mile with a good chassis in conjunction with our TEK components and CNC ported head. This cam has also been used in setting land speed records at Maxton.