Ohlins Steering Damper S1000RR (10-11)

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  • Unique design
  • Fluid under pressure avoids the problem of free play
  • Adjustable in 18 clicks for maximum tunability
  • Low friction PTFE-coated seals
  • Used by the worlds top racing teams
  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware
  • Mounts in the original location
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The basic functionality of the Öhlins® steering damper is that the piston, which is fixed on the shaft, pushes oil through a separate parallel passage in the housing. An adjustable valve in this passage gives an 18-click broad adjustment range. The settings are made with an adjustment wheel, located on the end of the steering damper cylinder. PTFE-coated seals are used in the dampers to achieve the lowest friction level possible. Öhlins® advanced suspension technology is the industry leader in terms of high performance and superior quality. Öhlins® stabilizers are used by top racing teams around the world.