Oxygen Sensor Custom Bung Kit 18mm Boss 12mm Tapped Plug

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Quantity Available: 5+
  • 18mm Threaded Bung with Plug
  • Plug tapped M12 x 1.25 to accept many OEM (stock) O2 Sensors
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Install on Stainless or Mild Steel Exhausts

This kit includes a 304 stainless steel bung to allow the use of an aftermarket oxygen sensor. If your Brock’s Performance exhaust system has an O2 sensor bung pre-installed, the plug can be used to install an OEM (stock) 12mm O2 sensor. If your exhaust system does not have a bung pre-installed, it will be necessary for a qualified welder to install the supplied bung (MIG process suggested) onto your exhaust system. Bung and plug sold as a kit.