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Pair Valve Removal Kit Hayabusa (99-07)

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Pair Valve Removal Kit Hayabusa (99-07)
  • Eliminates "popping/backfire" from the addition of an aftermarket exhaust system
  • Removes factory emissions pump (3 lb. located on front of engine, behind exhaust)
  • Makes aftermarket exhaust install much easier
  • Required when using sidewinder exhaust
  • 4 billet aluminum black anodized block offs with o-rings and hardware included
  • No fuel injection mapping changes required
  • Click here to view installation instructions

Our Billet Black Anodized Block Offs come complete with ultra high temperature o-rings (better seal/reusable), mounting nuts and a block off cap for the air box and full color easy to follow instructions.

The pair block off kit removes the factory air injection. The air injection is used to "Trick" emission sensors by injecting additional clean air into the exhaust gas...making it seem as though there is less pollution. In reality...the same amount leaves the engine with or without the pair block off kit.

The pair kit installation prevents backfires during deceleration and increases power by blocking crank case gasses from entering the air box.

Designed to reduce deceleration "Popping/Backfire" after the addition of a performance exhaust system. NO MAP or injection changes required. Simple bolt-on and GO installation! Easy to follow, full-color installation instructions included.