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Sidewinder Full System 14" Muffler S1000RR (10-18) and S1000R (10-18)

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Sidewinder Full System 14" Muffler S1000RR (10-18) and S1000R (10-18)
  • Compatible with (17-18) S1000RR/R model years by installing the OEM right-side rearset and muffler mounting hardware from the (15-16) model year S1000RR/R
  • Pro Stock performance, look, and sound
  • 14" ShortMeg™ 2 megaphone muffler
  • 2.25” outlet removable baffle
    (optional 2.25" noise reduction insert sold separately)
  • Show-polished finish
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Lower fairing modification required
  • Limited right hand cornering clearance
  • Aerospace quality, ultra light-weight stainless construction
  • May be used with OEM oil pan; aftermarket billet pan suggested for maximum ground clearance
  • Oil cooler can be retained using the stock oil lines
  • Pre-installed 18mm bung for wideband O2 sensor
    (block-off plug included)
  • Includes (emissions/PAIR) block-off cap and instructions
    for decel-pop reduction
  • 3oz. tube of Permatex Ultra Copper® supplied with purchase
  • Includes Brock's lifetime direct support package
    At no additional charge
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  • Click here for PAIR block-off instructions

Industry’s First 4-2-1 Sidewinder Design

Specifically designed for use without wheelie bars, Brock’s 4-into-2-into-1 sidewinder (the industry’s first) provides the most average power and torque with a megaphone-induced peak power punch. Unique configuration allows maximum performance from stock displacement to big cc engines. Years of knowledge, acquired from Brock himself professionally drag racing street bikes, are merged into a purpose-built side exit system.