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Experience precision and control like never before with the Brembo RCS system. This innovative system features an adjuster that allows riders to tailor the brake lever pivot distance to either 18 or 20mm, ensuring the perfect feedback between rider and machine.

By adjusting the pivot distance to 20mm, riders can enjoy a more reactive and immediate braking system. This setting enhances the responsiveness of the brakes, providing quick and decisive stopping power when needed most.

Conversely, setting the pivot distance to 18mm offers a more precisely controllable braking experience. This setting allows riders to modulate their braking input with precision, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrain or executing precise maneuvers on the track.

No matter your riding style or preference, the Brembo RCS system empowers you to fine-tune your braking performance to suit your needs. Experience the ultimate in control and confidence on the road or track with Brembo – where precision meets performance.