BT Moto ECU Flash Stage 1 Kawasaki ZX-10R/RR (21-22)

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BT Moto ECU Flash Stage 1 Kawasaki ZX-10R/RR (21-22)

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*Before purchasing see "Technical" tab for important ECU compatibility information

What’s Included in the BT Moto Stage 1 Flash:

  • Fueling Adjusted (per gear)
  • Ignition Adjusted (per gear)
  • Throttle Derestricted (per gear)
  • Lower Fan-On Temp
  • Increased RPM Limiter
  • Removed Top Speed Limiter
  • Traction Control Switch On-The-Fly
  • Exhaust Valve Management

The 2021 ZX-10R / RR is one of the most requested products we’ve had this year. Customers are very excited to see this bike unlocked and we were the first to finish this project for the community. Being the first to unlock the 2021 is never enough for us. We want to make sure that people are not only satisfied with our flashes, we want them to be amazed with the results. After taking some time to develop our mapping, we think we have something everyone will be happy with.


*Due to the nature of this service, all sales are final*

BT Moto Stage 1 Flash Details:

Fueling – With custom tuning we can target better AFR (air/fuel ratio) plots to enhance not only racing performance, but also cruising and partial throttle inputs.

Ignition – Optimized to make the most power while still being safe and reliable.

Throttle Derestriction – Giving you the ability to utilize 100% of the throttle is paramount in track situations where you need all the power you can get on demand. The factory file has a “dead spot” on the top end that kills the bikes power curve when it should be making the most. This also means any kind of straight line acceleration also suffers. We remove these factory restrictions to ensure a smooth and predictable throttle, all the way to redline.

Lower Fan-On Temp – Let’s face it, this bike rides a little on the hot side. To help not only the riders enjoyment but also keep the engine slightly cooler, we’ve lowered the fan-on temps.

Increased RPM Limiter (at customer request) – The stock RPM limiter is set to 13,800 RPM. We have been testing 14,400 RPM with zero negative side effects. We set the RPM limiter for 14,400 RPM in all gears. This helps you stay in the powerband longer and reduces the need to shift at the track.

Removed Top Speed Limiter – Removed so you can let the bike run free in any track environment.

TCS / Mode Switch – This one is really just an annoyance that we took care of after riding the bike. We noticed you couldn’t switch the traction control system off while riding the bike. With our flash you now can. You must be off the throttle though.

Exhaust Valve Management – Improved and optimized for peak performance and sound.

What is a BT Moto Handheld Tuner and what are the benefits of having one?

Thoroughly tested by our own engineers, not just for its function but also durability. We purposefully dropped this thing about 100 times just to make sure if you accidentally dropped it, it would still be a usable device.

So why buy it when you can just send in your ECU for flashing and spend less? Let's see the breakdown:

No Downtime - No need to send in your ECU or remove it from your bike at all. You order the handheld, it get's delivered to you, you flash your bike. You never miss a day of riding and no effort removing the ECU.

Store Multiple Maps - When you send in your ECU, you only get one map. You might be thinking, “why would I need more than one map?”. Storing multiple maps means you’re able to flash for different fuels. If you’re a serious track competitor, we can work with you to get you different mapping for different tracks. If, for example, you’re add an exhaust to your stock bike, we can email you a file that takes the new exhaust into account with the changes you need to optimize your bike’s new modifications.

Go Back to Stock Anytime - Not only can you store multiple race maps, you can also flash the original, stock file back into the bike at any time and for any reason.


Our flashing removes factory restrictions allowing the ZX10 to show its full capability. You can see an insane amount of power added to the top end of ZX10 as well as significant midrange gains. This is like a completely different motorcycle now!

This ZX10 came in with slip on exhaust and a filter. All testing done with same mods and all testing performed on 93 pump gas, same day. You can see how lean the factory mapping is, and how restricted the top end rpm throttle bodies are.

Factory Tuning – 168whp / 77wtq

BT Moto Flashed – 193whp / 81wtq


YOUR BIKE MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE ECU NUMBERS: (21175-1647, 21175-1662, 21175-1684, 21175-1643, 21175-1724, 21175-1650, 21175-1652, 21175-1655, 21175-1653, 21175-1646 and Race ECU).

If your bike has a different ECU number EMAIL BT MOTO BEFORE PURCHASE. Your ECU number can be found on the ECU itself in the tail of the bike. We found the ECU numbers we listed is almost all 2021 ZX-10R’s. We will be working to add more and will update this page when we do.

Due to the sensitive nature of the ZX-10R’s AFR (air/fuel ratio) and the platforms almost endless aftermarket options, the file we deliver you may need the fueling to be adjusted to meet your bikes individual needs. In this instance of extreme racing or wanting every last horsepower, we recommend a piggyback fuel controller and wideband or an “auto-tuner” that can aid you in correcting your fuel maps under real life condition (if needed). We do not offer custom fuel maps with this product because of the basic fuel model and pending CARB approval.

Our tuning only applies to ONE MODE “F” OR Full power. This mode will be the highest power mode. Please note that all other modes will run like stock and will not be derestricted. We have done this at the request of the community in general.