Ceramic Cam Bearing Hayabusa (99-20)

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  • Sold as individual bearings
  • Quicker elapsed times and higher MPH’s
  • ID 25mm x OD 47mm x Width 12mm
  • Ceramic bearings offer 40% less friction than steel
  • Less friction = More horsepower
  • 60% less rotating weight
  • Mobil® Polyrex® light weight aerospace grease
  • Bearing life 3 to 5 times longer than steel
  • Lower vibration levels
  • Includes snap ring groove
  • Cooler running
  • No extra maintenance required
  • 2 year warranty

The allure of going faster with less energy is appealing to almost anyone and the latest innovation to make bikes go faster is ceramic wheel bearings. Since the speed of a motorcycle is most determined by the performance of its rotating parts, investing in ceramic wheel bearings by Worldwide Bearings is a logical choice for the serious rider. These bearings can be used as an OEM replacement. Look for them in the winner’s circle.

Worldwide Hybrid Ceramic Bearings utilize SAE 52100 high-carbon chromium steel races, this air-melted alloy is clean, hard, and wear resistant, combined with Grade 5 Silicon Nitride balls. All ceramic bearings come with low friction removable seals.

All Worldwide Bearings come with a 2 year warranty.