Clutch Mod Kit 'Super Stock' ZX-10R (04-21)

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A Brock's Performance Clutch Mod is required for the ZX-10R to be launched smoothly from a dead stop! Brock’s Performance Clutch Mod disables the factory slipper clutch. This allows the rider to perform a smooth launch as opposed to the grab-n-jerk associated with trying to launch a stock machine from a dead stop.

This kit also includes extra heavy duty clutch springs and shims to increase clutch pressure without causing chatter or a lack of top end speed. The shim adjustable spring tops allow you to fine tune your set-up and discover what works best for you. Our springs are manufactured from valve spring quality material, shot-peened and stress relieved specifically to handle the heat and stress of high power drag-style sport bike launches.

We spared no expense to produce a clutch kit for your late model rocket, neither should you.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Clutch Mod
  • 6 Extra Heavy Duty Clutch Springs
  • 6 Shim Adjustable Spring Tops
  • 6 Steel Shims 0.025 Thick
  • 12 Steel Shims 0.062 Thick

Attention: Although casual riding is generally unaffected after the installation of this product, some rear wheel ‘chirp, hop or chatter’ may be noticed, depending upon rider habits. All Brock’s Performance products are designed for Competition Use Only. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for additional information.

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