CT Single Full System w/ 16" Muffler S1000RR (2020)

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  • Full titanium construction with carbon fiber tip
  • World class craftsmanship, fit and finish
  • Low 'throaty' tone is great for everyday riding (noise reduction insert available)
  • 58% weight savings vs. OEM exhaust system
  • Includes five 18mm O2 bungs pre-installed on collector
  • Includes two 12mm adapters to accommodate OEM oxygen sensors
  • Installation hardware and instructions included
  • Includes (Emissions/PAIR) block off cap and instructions for decel-pop reduction
  • Includes Brock’s lifetime direct support package at no additional charge
  • Select from increased drivability/fuel mileage (pump gas) or race-proven (race fuel) trackmaps via our map support program at no additional charge
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  • Click here to view Installation Instructions
  • Click here for PAIR block-off instructions

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Brock’s ‘best of the best’ under fairing exhaust system

The Brock’s Performance CT Series™ full titanium exhaust system is a direct result of incalculable hours of engineering/design work combined with real world performance testing. The entire exhaust system weighs as little as 8 1/4 lbs. and offers the highest power readings out of any of our under fairing (non-sidewinder) exhaust systems. The CT Series™ not only provides superb cornering clearance, but if you are a weekend drag racer, the system also provides unmatched ground clearance. If world class craftsmanship and quality as well as welds that look like ‘art’ are high on your list, then the Brock’s Performance CT Series™ full titanium exhaust system is for you.

S1000RR (2020) Exhaust Weight Comparison

OEM Full Exhaust System:

  • Muffler: 4.90 lb.
  • Front Section (one piece): 18.90 lb.
    (head pipes, catalytic converter, EXUP, tail pipe, etc.)

Total = 23.80 lb.

CT Single™ Full System:

  • Muffler: 3.45 lb.
  • Front Section (w/ flanges & hardware): 6.55 lb.

Total = 10.00 lb.

Total Weight Savings = 13.80 lb. or 58% of OEM weight