Dual Stage Cushion Ring Hayabusa (99-20)

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  • Replacement Dual Stage Clutch Cushion Ring for use in Brock’s Performance Hayabusa-Based Clutch Cushion Kits
  • General maintenance or after a clutch failure
  • Revive original smoothness, chatter-free, grab-free feel of Clutch Cushion Kit installation
  • For use with Hayabusa Clutch Cushion Kits: (99-01) #270396, (02-07) #270500, and (08-20) #270136 and B-King (08-11) #270136

Brock’s Performance Clutch Cushion Kit replacement Dual Stage Cushion Rings can be damaged (flat spots, distorted outer casing, etc…) due to clutch failure/excessive heat, etc… which can lead to the same grab/chatter that the Clutch Cushion Kit is designed to eliminate. Replace your Dual Stage Cushion Ring to keep your cushion kit in optimum working condition.

Special Note: If you replace this ring for any reason other than after a very long life for general maintenance purposes OR after a catastrophic clutch failure, which created a tremendous amount of heat, you have something else wrong.

Examples: You have strayed from our cushion spring configuration, wrong oil type, incorrect gearing, wrong launch RPM/technique or a multitude of other potential issues. Please contact our technical department for advice. The intermittent temperature rating of the Dual Stage Cushion Rings is over 550 degrees F. Compare this to high grade synthetic oil ratings of 290 degrees F and you can see that if you can damage a cushion ring, you have a big problem that needs to be addressed.