Noise Reduction Plug Fits 2.25" Outlet Megaphones

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  • Fits Brock’s Performance 20" StreetMeg, 20" Alien Head, 20" Sidewinder, 14" Alien Head 2, and 14" ShortMeg 2 mufflers
  • Maximum noise reduction with minimal horsepower loss
  • Fits 2.25” outlet megaphones
  • Show polished finish
  • Laser etched Brock's Performance logo
  • Clamp-on tail pipe or transom mount
  • Quick change
  • Weighs only .30 lb.
  • Not for use on the Ninja H2
  • Click here to view installation instructions

Noise reduction plug for the StreetMeg and Sidewinder

At Brock's Performance we realize there is a time and place for everything...including NOISE! Because our exhaust systems are race track inspired and designed to produce maximum power, certain megaphone-based systems can be a bit loud for the tastes of some enthusiasts during continuous street use.

After many months of dyno and track testing, we have developed a quickly inserted/removed Noise Reduction Plug (NRP) to easily temper the edge without significantly affecting the power output or the rich tone our customers have come to enjoy from our systems. The NRP simply inserts into the outlet of your megaphone tip and clamps in place requiring only a 3mm Allen wrench from your stock tool kit. Also, due to our free flow design, NO MAP CHANGES are required! Going on a trip? Slip it in...Heading to the track, remove it when you arrive. It's that simple.

This Noise Reduction Plug is designed to fit our 2.25 inch (57MM) diameter outlet megaphone. This is the standard megaphone supplied with our 4-2-1 Sidewinder and Street Megaphone exhaust systems.

Due to the nature of the megaphone design, the NRP's do not dampen the noise level the same in all applications. The most significant dB reductions are noticed in the megaphones which contain the most baffle packing.