Piston To Valve Clearance Inspection Tool Hayabusa (99-20)

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Our valve tool is used to measure the piston to valve distance (Intake and Exhaust) by levering the valve down to gently touch the piston at its closest point relevant to crankshaft rotation. A plunger style dial indicator is used to measure the travel of the bucket until the valve touches the piston. This allows the engine builder to measure the exact amount of clearance without the use of clay or repeated disassembly. Piston to valve clearance is CRITCAL to engine life. The best horsepower producing lobe center numbers make little or no difference if your engine is destroyed due to piston to valve collision while using them. Minimum pistons to valve clearance specifications are different for each engine/configuration.

The combination of variables is huge with most clearance requirements being determined as a result of experience. Adjustable cam sprockets are required to set clearances. By using this tool you will also realize that minimum clearance WILL NEVER be found at top dead center (always before or after), this mindset has destroyed many engines. Brock’s Performance Products supplies specifications for our components, contact us for details.