Servo Buddy GSX-R1000 (09-16) and GSX-R600/750 (11-18)

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  • Allows you to remove your exhaust servo motor
  • Prevents the F.I. fault light from illuminating
  • Uses OEM connectors and easily snaps into place
  • Epoxy cased circuit board protects from moisture and vibration
  • Creates more space for the addition of other electronic devices
  • Weighs only 0.5 oz. to maximize weight savings
  • See technical tab for additional fitment listing
  • Click for Article: Exhaust Valves And Servo Motors Explained

The Servo Buddy is a small, lightweight servo fix that eliminates the need for the exhaust servo motor, which is not needed with any aftermarket exhaust system. These devices are typically called EXUP valves, SET valves or exhaust servos. Typically when you purchase an aftermarket exhaust, a small plate is included to bolt onto the top of the exhaust servo. The purpose of this plate is to restrict the servos movement so the bikes computer still thinks the exhaust valve is connected and working correctly, preventing the F.I. (fuel injection sometimes mistakenly called the F1) fault light from illuminating on the dash board.

The problem with these plates is they require you keep the servo motor installed, taking up a lot of valuable room that could be used for power commanders, traction control computers, quick shifters, or a huge variety of other accessories. Additionally, the servo motor is dead weight, providing no benefit. After all, half the benefit of that fancy exhaust system was to drop weight, right!

The servo buddy uses OEM connectors and easily snaps into place replacing the bulky servo motor. It can be zip-tied to the wire harness and takes up virtually no space. It works by electrically mimicking the working exhaust servo so the computer thinks all is well with the exhaust circuit preventing the F.I. light from coming on due to exhaust faults while still keeping the lights other functionality to warn you if anything else is wrong with the bike! Simply disconnecting the F.I. light or putting tape over it could mask potentially serious problems and lead to a damaged engine.

To provide a reliable long service life, all parts were spec'd out to meet military or automotive standards meaning the device is tolerant to a wide temperature range. Additionally, the entire circuit board has been encased in a thick epoxy potting compound to provide protection from moisture and vibration. It will be EXTREMELY reliable under all conditions, whether your a street rider, racer, track rider, or adventure rider.

Fitment applications:

  • Suzuki GSX-R600/750 (11-18)
  • Suzuki GSX-R1000 (09-16)
  • Suzuki V-Strom DL 1000 (14-15)