Tungsten Sleeve Spacer for BST Front Wheel Hayabusa (13-20)

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  • Replaces BST # 10013-7000-19-002
  • 18x heavier than the BST aluminum spacer
    • Tungsten spacer weight: 4.20 lb. (1905g)
    • BST Aluminum spacer weight: 0.23 lb. (104g)
  • Made from 95% Tungsten for maximum density
  • Approved for competition use in Pro Street and Real Street by the XDA and will allow complete wheel assembly to remain under the 29 lb. limit when used in any BST front wheel
  • Simple and discreet mod to gain an advantage at the track
  • Quicker ET's with no ill effects on rotational inertia
  • Moves the bike’s center of gravity forward allowing for quicker launches off the line
  • Mounts between the wheel bearings as part of the front wheel assembly
  • Remove the left side bearing (non-snap ring side) from the BST wheel and install in place of the aluminum spacer
  • Designed, machined, and assembled in the USA
  • For BST wheels only (see 'Fitment' tab for model fitment listing)

One of the best kept secrets to lessen wheelies and optimize acceleration among top drag racers for years, this heavy spacer replaces the light aluminum spacer in between the front wheel bearings. It doesn’t spin and is located at the furthermost point from the rear axle, for maximum downward pressure on the front wheel and maximum weight transfer to the rear wheel. Works great to prevent wheelies from stock wheelbase to grudge applications and everything in between… and it’s undetectable if your bike likes to wheelie on the street! Decreases in ET vary per application, but one to two tenths improvement is common. Adding this heavy spacer is the equivalent of adding as much as 25 lbs. to the lower fairing nose in a 68” wheelbase application!

BST Wheel Fitment:

  • 169282 – 3.5 x 17 (7 TEK)
  • 169815 – 3.5 x 16 (7 TEK)
  • 170729 – 3.5 x 17 (Rapid TEK)
  • 166487 – 3.5 x 17 (Diamond TEK)
  • 166500 – 3.5 x 17 (Diamond TEK R+)