Alien Head 2 Full System Black Cerakote® 12" Muffler Grom (17-20) / MSX125 (16-20)

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  • 12" megaphone muffler
  • High-temp black (Cerakote®) ceramic coated finish
  • Maximized power gains on stock and modified engines
  • 2" outlet permanent baffle (glass wool/fiberglass) for long life, deep sound
  • Larger diameter outlet provides increased exhaust flow
  • Distinctive look/aggressive sound
    (2” optional noise reduction insert sold separately)
  • Pre-installed 18mm bung for wideband O2 sensor
  • Provides maximum ground clearance
  • 65% weight savings vs. OEM full system
  • No fairing modifications required
  • Aerospace quality, ultra lightweight stainless construction
  • Note: Designed for use with OEM rearset, modification may be required for use with aftermarket rearset
  • Includes Brock’s lifetime direct support package
    At no additional charge
  • Includes access to Brock's map support program
    At no additional charge
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The Alien Head 2™ Exhaust System combines our legendary race-proven performance with the distinctive look and sound of our Alien Head 2™ Muffler. Our most popular exhaust system, Brock personally designed and hand-tuned the Alien Head 2™ Full Exhaust System to find the ideal balance of performance and attitude. Keeping our creative Grom owners in mind, this low-mount exhaust option was designed to tuck up tight along the engine to provide the most ground clearance available. Now you can stretch and lower your Grom without being restricted by your exhaust.

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Dyno Charts: Click image to enlarge

Full System + Short Ram Air Intake Kit (SAE Scale)

Full System + Modified OEM Airbox & Filter (SAE Scale)

Honda Grom Exhaust Weight Comparison:

OEM Exhaust System (one piece):

  • Full Exhaust: 10.65 lb.

Total = 10.65 lb.

Brock's Performance Alien Head 2™ Full System:

  • Muffler: 2.30 lb.
  • Head Pipe: 1.20 lb.
  • Hardware: 0.20 lb.

Total = 3.75 lb.

Total Weight Savings = 6.90 lb. or 65% of stock weight

Honda Grom Exhaust System Decibel Levels

Testing procedure performed according to SAE J2825

Alien Head 2™ Muffler:

Idle: 101dB / 3000 RPM: 107dB

Alien Head 2™ Muffler (with Noise Reduction Plug):

Idle: 93dB / 3000 RPM: 103dB

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