Clutch Lever Cam 6 Position Hayabusa (99-20)

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  • Replaces the stock levers four position adjustment cam
  • Allows clutch engagement to be adjusted closer to the handlebar
  • Wider lever control range
  • Works great for smaller hands also
  • Click here to view installation instructions

The Stock Suzuki lever cam has only 4 adjustment positions. The closest stock position still engages the clutch very far from the grip... most riders find this uncomfortable and hard to control.

Brock's Lever cam Positions 5 and 6 are designed to bring the clutch engagement CLOSER to the handle bar than stock. This is especially useful as most riders find the clutch easier to control when it engages closer to the handle bar. Riders with smaller hands also appreciate these two positions.

Settings 1-4 on Brock's Lever Cam are for use primarily with our Clutch Cushion Kit and do not affect non-cushion use. They are described in detail in our Clutch Cushion Kit instructions.