GasTapper Standard 12v Fuel Siphon With Weather Resistant Case

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  • Dry lift/siphon gas from most modern cars, boats and motorcycles
  • Weather resistant, air-tight carrying case w/ pressure release valve
  • 12V case mounted automotive-grade (7-10 PSI) high-lift pump
  • 8' coils of 3/8" FuelFLEX® 65 gasoline-grade fuel line (x2)
  • 6' line of modern car access line add-on
  • 12V auto power plug w/ LED, fuse and in-line switch
  • 15' 12V flat power cord
  • Universal nylon in-line fuel filter
  • Transfers approximately 32 gallons of gas or diesel per hour
  • 2014 SEMA new products award winner

12V fuel transfer pump great for typical DIY and homeowner use. GasTapper Standard moves gasoline & fuels without siphoning or getting a mouthful of gas. It's a convenient case mounted fuel transfer pump with all the required lines & fittings to move gas from one gas tank/container to another. Has the added ability to transfer fuel out of many cars allowing you access to your own fresh fuel as needed around the home, while camping, filling RV's, small engines and during emergencies.

Stored gas goes bad over just a few months. Many gas-powered devices met an early grave as a result of gas becoming plasticized leaving blockages in the fuel system. GasTapper uses an automotive fuel pump. Pump can dry siphon and lift fuel 72" on the suction side and push another 72" on output side. Pumps are compatible with gasoline, diesel, bio diesel, blended alcohol fuels & fuel additives.

Proven on 100's of OEM applications. No bearings, electrical contacts, or diaphragms to wear out. GasTapper can move 32 gallons per hour with the 3/8” fuel line. Volume will be a bit lower with 1/4” modern car adapter line based on diameter.