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Oxygen Sensor Bung & Plug Kit Stainless Steel

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Oxygen Sensor Bung & Plug Kit Stainless Steel
  • 18mm Threaded Bung with Plug
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Not compatible with OEM O2 Sensors
  • Install on Stainless or Mild Steel Exhausts

This kit includes a 304 stainless steel bung and plug to allow the use of an aftermarket oxygen sensor. If your Brock’s Performance exhaust system has an O2 sensor bung pre-installed, the plug can be used to block off the existing bung. If your exhaust system does not have a bung pre-installed, it will be necessary for a qualified welder to install the supplied bung (MIG process suggested) onto your exhaust system.

Bung and plug are both industry standard 18mm thread used in most aftermarket ‘5 wire’ or Bosch® style applications and are not compatible with most OEM (stock) O2 sensors, which are typically 12mm threads. Bung and plug sold as a kit.