Ru-Glyde Tire Mounting Lubricant 8 oz Bottle

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  • Ready to use tire mounting and rubber lubricant
  • Lubricates tires for mounting and dismounting
  • Protects beads against scuffing during mounting
  • Assures proper bead seating on rim
  • Brock’s recommended for use with BST Carbon Fiber Wheels
  • Protects against tire slippage after mounting
  • Also eliminates rubber squeaks in bushings and grommets
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Lubrication is an essential part of tire mounting and dismounting service. Always lubricate with Ru-Glyde to protect against bead damage and to help seat the beads properly on the rim. Will not induce rust nor cause tires to slip after mounting and balancing.

Ru-Glyde is designed for use in mounting and dismounting tires and tubes; for removing and preventing rubber squeaks in rubber parts and fittings; for cleaning and renewing the appearance of tires, floor mats, other rubber parts, as well as plastic and leather; also for other applications where a lubricant that is harmless to rubber is required. Ru-Glyde is applied by applicator or brush from the Ru-Glyde Service Kit; by hand oiler, spray, or sponge.

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