Strap End Kit

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Strap End Kit

  • Installs on release end of strap to move buckle down to brake caliper area.
  • Prevents damage to radiator from release buckle during non-strapped operation.
  • Prevents buckle from obstructing full steering travel on some model bikes.
  • CNC machined, corrosion-free nickel plated finish.
  • Corrosion free stainless mounting hardware included.

Works with Brock's Performance Front End Lowering Strap for use with or without non-radially mounted front brakes. Radial mount strap bracket kit required to attach strap to 2003 or newer motorcycles with radial-mount brakes.

Strap release is now down closer to the brake caliper making release of front end lowering strap easier, plus no more damaged radiators or obstructed steering! CNC machined, corrosion-free nickel plated finish. Works with most radial-straps and most aftermarket radial hangers. Stainless mounting hardware included.