Termignoni Relevance Stainless Link Pipe w/ Carbon Heat Shield CRF1000L Africa Twin (18-19)

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This link pipe allows the user to install a CRF1000L Africa Twin (15-17) Termignoni Relevance Stainless/Titanium Slip-On (H137080TV) on a (2018) CRF1000L Africa Twin. Includes a carbon fiber heat shield.

Note: Installing (H137080TV) on a (2018) CRF1000L Africa Twin using this adapter is NOT a EURO 4 approved configuration. For homologated EURO 4 approval on a (2018) CRF1000L Africa Twin (H14908040ITX) is recommended.

Materials: Stainless Steel & Carbon Fiber

MPN: H14908030IXX