UHS Anti-Slip Coating Installed on BST Wheel

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  • This service will be performed by Brock's Performance
  • Creates a rough sandpaper-like texture for added grip
  • Can be applied to any front or rear BST wheel
  • Reduce the amount of tire slippage during hard launches
  • Developed to combat front-tire slippage during hard braking
  • Recommended for any application over 220 RWHP

To help reduce tire slip during drag-strip launches, all BST wheels 6.25" and wider come standard with BST’s exclusive Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) Coating technology, a mixture of chemical adhesive and abrasives which create a sandpaper-like surface to reduce tire slippage on the rim. This process, used successfully in MotoGP racing since 2005, was developed to combat front-tire slippage during hard braking as well as rear tire slippage during hard launches. UHS can be added to any size rim, front or rear.