Wynn's Power Charge Fuel System Treatment

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"At Brock’s Performance we have been fighting with the problem of dirty injectors, gummed throttle bodies and inlets, as well as carbon-covered intake valves since the Hayabusa stormed onto the performance scene in 1999. If you are a private owners group member, you know that the Gen 1 Hayabusa section is filled with warnings and examples and ineffective cures which can sometimes create worse problems than they solve.

I can say with confidence that Wynn's Power Charge testing is 100% complete. I am VERY EXCITED because it has performed well in EVERY application since we began testing it in the spring of 2009 and we have seen no ill effects whatsoever, regardless of its concentration or length of stay in the gas tank. It is hands down the most convenient and inexpensive way we have found to help our customers quickly cure an incredibly illusive problem that eventually affects nearly ALL sportbikes.

Whether results are measured on a consistent basis (track or dyno), or by the seat of the pants drivability (ass-o-meter), the likelihood of this problem creeping up on you goes down dramatically if it is attacked with a preventative program such as using Power Charge.

Power Charge can also be used as a power adder with no map changes required!"

This stuff works GREAT! - Brock Davidson

Physical Properties

  • Specific Gravity @ 15.6ºC = 0.85
  • Density (lbs/gal) = 7.08
  • Flash Point (ºF) = 108ºF
  • Appearance/Color = Clear Straw Color

Wynn’s® Power Charge® Fuel Treatment contains Wynn’s unique patented technology, combining advanced engine power boosters with effective fuel system detergents and dispersants. Using Wynn’s patented technology, Power Charge Fuel Treatment is formulated to increase power and improve fuel economy while lowering tailpipe emissions. Power Charge will also eliminate hesitation and knocking by removing fuel deposit buildup. When added as directed to the fuel tank of a new or used vehicle, the driver notices the immediate benefit of increased power and fuel economy.

Power Charge Fuel Treatment works in the fuel system as a catalyst to aid the effective combustion of fuel. It also cleans injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers of harmful, power robbing deposits. Wynn’s Power Charge Fuel Treatment is formulated to treat 10 to 20 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel. Use Power Charge Fuel Treatment every 3000 to 4000 miles or with every oil change to keep your motorcycle free from fuel system and combustion chamber deposits.

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  • 5
    Works like a charm!

    Posted by Ali Hussain on Dec 21st 2021

    Power charge all the way!

  • 5
    WYNN'S FUEL SYSTEM Treatment

    Posted by Daran Casey on May 1st 2021

    This is excellent, I put it in my 09 Busa, and what a Difference, I will buy some more, thanks Brock for recommending this Product....

  • 5
    Great Product!

    Posted by Erskin on Mar 11th 2020

    Great Product! I recommend this to everyone!

  • 5
    Wynns powercharge

    Posted by Greg M on May 24th 2019

    Just used half a can in my '99 R6 and the other half in a really gunked up '92 cb750 I'm fixing up for a friend. In both cases I saw an immediate improvement in engine performance- not on top end, I don't have a dyno but on the R6 after treatment I needed to lower the idle and the engine is more stable in the commute stop-and-go. The cb750 is a filthy beast with years of gunk from a badly tuned sticky carbs and ancient plugs. With the carbs working well, and a balance job run, the bike is idling loads better. As I worked the carbs the dirty cylinders came in a lot faster to provide a stable idle than I expected. I've used various auto parts store treatments, the Wynns has had a much greater immediate effect than the others.

  • 5
    Best thing I tried

    Posted by Marko Miletic on Apr 26th 2019

    Bought this and had it in my 1999 Busa... Damn what a difference! Just ordered two more!

  • 4
    Wynn's power boost

    Posted by Jedidiah Ophir Israel on Aug 21st 2018

    I'm not a technician, but the bike does seem to be a quicker and a little more responsive.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Joey on Jun 25th 2018

    Watched a video where Brock used this product and showed the before and after of the valves and I wanted to try it.
    Ordered it, ran it thru my bike the way Brock did in the video. 2 gallons of gas, and a full can of Wynn's.

    Immediately noticed a difference in throttle response, fixed a minor stutter I was having at mid to high rpm. Plan on using it once a year to keep my bike running right.

  • 5
    Power Charge Treatment

    Posted by LJ Knox . on Jun 24th 2018

    This is the best product for my bike with noticeable difference. I'll need to order another canister for future use.

  • 5
    power charge fuel system treatment

    Posted by maireni valerio on Jun 11th 2018

    I recommend this product, a single application fuel cleaner which cleans fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers. In addition it's combustion catalyst gives an immediate performance and fuel economy benefit.