Penta-Carbon Full System 15" Muffler (Black) Ninja H2 SX / SE / SE+ (18-21)

Penta-Carbon Full System 15" Muffler (Black) Ninja H2 SX / SE / SE+ (18-21)

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  • Get the most out of your full system by adding a Sprint Filter and ECU Flash
    (See 'Stock-2-Brock' tab for additional product information)
  • Incredible 67% weight savings vs. OEM
  • 15" megaphone muffler
  • Black ceramic coated finish
  • 2.25" (57.2 mm) outlet permanent baffle
  • Larger diameter outlet provides increased exhaust flow
  • Maximized power gains on stock and modified engines
  • Distinctive look and aggressive sound
  • Each muffler is hand fabricated into a distinctive penta-diamond shape
  • Muffler angles optimized for maximum ground clearance when cornering
  • Customize with over 100 different color combinations
  • Endcaps are produced by BST to ensure a perfect match to your wheels
  • No fairing modifications required
  • Compatible with OEM center stand
  • Compatible with OEM saddle bags (panniers)
  • Optional saddle bag heat shield available for added protection
  • Aerospace quality, ultra lightweight stainless construction
  • Pre-installed 18mm bung for wideband O2 sensor
    (block-off plug and 12mm O2 bung adapter included)
  • Includes (emissions/PAIR) block off cap for decel-pop reduction
  • 3oz. tube of Permatex Ultra Copper® supplied with purchase
  • Includes Brock’s lifetime direct support package at no additional charge
  • Click here to view logo plate color options
  • Click here to view installation instructions
  • Click here for PAIR block-off instructions
  • Click here to view Penta-Carbon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Penta-Carbon for Kawasaki’s newest hypersport touring motorcycle is ready to take your supercharged Ninja H2 SX to the next level. Designed in-house by the Brock’s Performance team of national championship-winning product engineers, tuners and racers, the H2 SX system was developed with input taken directly from H2 SX owners via internet forums and other social media.

Brock’s team used every trick in the book to produce the Penta-Carbon. During testing, the supercharged Ninja spit fire and lit up many prototype headers as it went through a vigorous research & development program on the dyno to extract maximum power from the 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust. The end result is a stunningly crafted system that unleashes the supercharged Ninja’s true potential. In addition to feeling the incredible weight savings, H2 SX owners will admire the clean look achieved with the removal of the OEM pipe and it’s bulky catalytic converter.

WARNING: Due to the extreme nature of the Ninja H2 SX, all Brock's Performance exhaust systems are designed to be used in conjunction with a BrockFLASH ECU Stage 1-F with Fuel Tune. For the 2021 model year an alternative tuning solution must be utilized. Any other configuration could result in premature exhaust wear that will not be covered under warranty.

Please ensure that the PAIR system has been properly blocked. Damage to the exhaust system, via extreme heat and/or excessive deceleration pop, may result from an improperly blocked PAIR system. Brock’s Performance will not warranty any damage created from an improperly blocked PAIR.

The NEW Brock’s Performance Penta-Carbon™ Stainless Steel Full Exhaust System is like no other. Make it your own! The Penta-Carbon™ is designed to be customized to your specifications. The heart of this customization is a beautiful five-sided carbon fiber endcap produced exclusively for Brock’s Performance by world-renowned carbon composite specialists Blackstone Tek (aka BST Carbon Fiber wheels). Not only is the carbon cap available in gloss or matte finishes, we have also expanded the offerings to match any available BST carbon fiber wheel custom ink colors, for a combination that is truly unique. Check this link for more information on Xirallic®, the shimmering ‘Ink’ finish applied to produce subtle colors that explode in direct sunlight: BST Custom Ink & Finish Options

Don’t have carbon fiber wheels yet? No problem, the colored end caps match the schemes of most brands: blue, red, and green… just to name a few.

‘What about the pipe,’ you ask? With sharp lines to match the aesthetic design trends of most modern sportbikes combined with the aggressive sound Brock’s exhausts are known for, the Penta-Carbon™ shape won’t get lost in the crowd. They are available in show polished stainless or black ceramic coated stainless. If you like the sound and power of our Alien Head mufflers, you will love this modern take on Brock’s legendary mindset.

Already have a Brock’s Performance Alien Head™, Short Meg™ or Slash Cut exhaust? No problem, the Penta-Carbon™ muffler is available separately and designed to be an easy direct swap that takes only minutes.

As an added bonus for our #stupidfast friends, the Penta-Carbon™ muffler is also around 1/2 lb. (.22 kg) lighter than a comparable Alien Head or ShortMeg mufflers and outflows our Slash Cut mufflers.

And finally, the Penta-Carbon™ Mufflers are adorned with our new, more discrete, logo plates in a variety of colors as well as in our Stupid Fast (US Trademark No. 4,268,627) version: Logo Plate Color Options

Ninja H2 SX Full System Decibel Levels

Testing procedure performed according to SAE J2825

Penta-Carbon Full System:

Idle: 91 dBA / 5000 RPM: 111 dBA

Ninja H2 SX Exhaust Weight Comparison

OEM Full Exhaust System:

  • Muffler (w/ clamp & heat shield): 13.00 lb.
  • Front Section (one piece): 17.80 lb.
    (head pipes, catalytic converter, EBV, midpipe, etc.)

Total = 30.80 lb.

Brock's Performance Penta-Carbon Full System:

  • Muffler: 2.75 lb.
  • Head Pipes w/ Flanges: 5.40 lb.
  • Collector / Hardware: 2.10 lb.

Total = 10.25 lb.

Total Weight Savings = 20.55 lb. or 67% of OEM weight

Go Big or Go Home! Get the most performance out of your bike, by complimenting your exhaust system with these ‘Stock-2-Brock’ recommended add-ons.

Sprint Filter Air Filters:

Known throughout the world as a premier manufacturer of air filters, Sprint Filter has been on the cutting edge of advancements in filtration. Add one of the following filter options to your bike so it can get air in as easily as it can now get out.

Follow links for additional information on these products.


Performed right here in-house; flashed to Brock’s excruciating standards of performance. Add one of the following ECU flash options to derestrict your bike, unleashing its full potential. ECU flash NOT compatible with 2021 model year. Available for US and Canadian Model ECU's ONLY.

Follow links for additional information on these products.

PAIR Block Off:

PAIR Block Off Plates are used to block the air ports on the cylinder head cover. Blocking the PAIR system prevents unwanted air from entering the exhaust stream, which can decrease exhaust “popping” and is required for a proper vehicle tune.

Follow links for additional information on these products.

Saddle Bag Heat Shield:

Designed to keep radiant exhaust heat away from the saddlebag (pannier). This aids in protecting the contents inside the bag and protects the plastic from discoloring.

Follow links for additional information on these products.

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  • 5
    Absolutely killer!

    Posted by Josh Maree on Dec 5th 2023

    Received my Penta-Carbon full system and the quality is amazing! Both the black finish, sound, and overall quality is unparalleled. The green carbon tip is amazing to look at and draws so much attention. 11/10 would purchase again.